Sunday, April 18, 2004


Today, Jane and I were watching TV this afternoon while David napped, when suddenly Jane spotted a mouse sauntering done the hall. I gave chase, but it escaped. Gracie continued sleeping.

So I went off to the local Home Depot to buy a whole mess of mouse assassination gear - I called home after completing the purchase, only to find that Gracie had awakened and caught the mouse. When I called, Jane had the mouse pinned under an empty litter jug. So I zipped back home, took a piece of cardboard and used it to slide under the jug's opening and trap the mouse inside, after which I put the top back on and dispatched the mouse as mercifully as I could. After Gracie had finished with it, there wasn't too much fight left in the mouse anyways.

Afterwads, I went down cellar and laid out baits and traps. I also vacuumed all the known mouse haunts and got all the debris they leave behind. Hopefully the one I killed was it - I really don't like killing things.

I'm currently reading two books - Love Me, by Garrison Keilor, and The Great Unravelling, a collection of Paul Krugman's economics columns for the New York Times. Krugman is brilliant (along with Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman, Krugman is the columnist I simply refuse to ever miss each week) as always, but I'm not so impressed by Keilor's novel. It's well-written, but Larry Wyler is the least sympathetic protagonist I've seen from him yet, it's a little too autobiographical for my liking, and there's way too much literary inside baseball going on. I'll finish it, but I'm not that impressed.

It looks like we only have one seat left open for next weekend's Linux class, so if you were considering going, e-mail me quickly.

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