Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Interesting day

I played hooky today, kind of.

The problem I had with my minivan a few weeks ago reared it's ugly head again last night on my way to the BNUG board meeting. So I took it to the dealership first thing this morning (it turned out to be the hub bearing on the opposite side from the original problem), where it spent the day.

So instead of monopolizing Jane's car, we made alternate plans. Our friend Judy came over, and we all went to the mall to buy the iBook she wanted to get. On the way, I took the liberty of stopping at the office and forwarding my office phone to my cell. That way I could theoretically work.

Meanwhile, David's been a little hair-trigger for the last few days, with nasty diaper stuff and mood swings. Yep - it's time for molars. He was really tired all day, and about half an hour ago it finally reached a peak. Turns out he also had a fever of 102 and change going on top of the other teething symptoms. So we gave him a healthy slug of Tylenol and offered him a bath (which he declined vehemently) - after the Tylenol kicked in his mood has improved a lot. The lollipop helped, too.

I'm still setting up Judy's iBook, with a break to go to a chamber of commerce function late this afternoon. It was very productive - I picked up two appointments out of it. And I have some work to do Friday morning. It looks like the month will end on a pretty good note.

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