Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Fading Beneath the Waves

That's what I should call my initial attempt at newspaper advertising. I ran a 3x2 ad once per week for three consecutive weeks. It did not generate a single phone call. It was worth a try, though useless. I've had better success politicking around, having Jane making calls and dropping in at businesses, and trying to schmooze.

I also sent out a mailing to 30 targeted businesses last Friday that may, if all goes well, generate a call or two. And last night I spent an hour and a half sliding flyers underneath every door in my building (except the bigger companies and the other IT shops). I hope that one pays off, because my back is paying the price otherwise.

In other news, my car broke on Monday. I was driving home when all of a sudden the "AWD DISABLE" warning went up on my information console, and the ABS warning light lit up. It got fixed pretty quickly yesterday, but I wound up renting a little Ford Focus for $26 so I could go to my Microsoft class yesterday morning. I would have taken Jane's car, but she has her parents in town visiting and needed it more.

The problem turned out to be due to a leak in a seal at the right front wheel - the speed sensor had gotten damaged. And a hub bearing pack needed to be replaced as well. All under warranty, of course. Which is good. One less expensive thing to deal with.

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