Thursday, April 15, 2004

Down in the parking lot

Some idiots in a convertible have been there for about an hour now, fiddling with their car stereo. And they keep switching tunes. It's really annoying, even 3 stories up. I'm debating whether or not to toss something on them from up here - I have a banana peel in the trash that would be effective.

I probably won't bother, though - I'm going home soon.

I made what I expect will be the last purchase here for awhile today - a multiuser license of Norton Ghost Corporate Edition. I need it for the training PC's, but I've been ducking it as long as possible. With classes coming up, though, I just can't blow it off any further.

Under consideration down the road aways: the best way long-term to maintain the training room systems might be with virtual machines, using either Virtual PC or VMware. Set up a VM for each class type, that has an undo point. Depending on the volume, that could work well. If I use Virtual PC, I already have licenses, and I may get them from VMware as a consultant. I'm looking into their program.

However, I'll have to add RAM to the computers in the training room to do that, and though it's cheap to do I really don't feel like ripping them all apart. Lazy me.

I went leafleting in the other buildings last night, and my back doesn't hurt as much because there were fewer offices there. I did get one phone call out of it today, from a prospect wondering what I charged for desktop support and what I could do. We'll see if it amounts to anything. I also have an appointment to meet with a client I helped out last week this coming Tuesday. So there's a little bit of stuff going on.

And I will be putting flyers in the building for pickup, as well.

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