Friday, April 02, 2004

A decent start

After closing the books on my first month, I didn't do too badly. I'm not making money, but I didn't lose a bunch, either. And given that I was all but out of service for a week-plus with a cold, I can live with that for now.

This month is off to a reasonably promising start, though. I have a customer coming in at the beginning of the week for a project, and I'm trying some extra marketing stuff - I put out a targeted mailing today, and I'm going to be spreading special flyers around the building on Tuesday night. Jane's generated some interest in her sales efforts, and I'm starting to meet some people that are helping out, too. I need to print up another run of brochures soon (more than half of my original order have gone out), and I have to do a special mailer piece that the folks at Essex Office are going to insert with their bills this month for me.

The only real marketing disappointment so far has been my run of newspaper ads. I ran three weeks in the biggest local paper - two have already run and I've gotten zero response from it. The ad didn't cost that much, and it was a worthy experiment, but if I still have no ad calls at the end of next week then I'll be forgetting about print ads for a long time to come. Like maybe forever. But it was worth at least one try.

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