Sunday, April 25, 2004

Busy week

I was incommunicado most of this week because I was prepping for the Linux class. The class was yesterday, and it went pretty well - well enough that we're going to do it again in about a month. The format works, and we let the students help drive the agenda for us.

What I need to deal with this week is to get Ghost working properly, to make the destruction/construction of my training room computers go quicker. I bought the license a week ago, but haven't had time to get it set up. I used Ghost at my old company, but we were forced to give it up as the Mothership had standardized on the PowerQuest product suite.

Then, of course, Symantec bought PowerQuest, so nyah.

We're enjoying a couple of nice days, weather-wise, so other than a couple of minor errands early today we'll pretty much just head down to the Willows and play. David hasn't been down there yet as a full-fledged toddler; they just opened up for the season a week or so ago.

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