Friday, April 09, 2004

180 degrees

That's the turn from yesterday. The training class is starting to fill up just based on the website advertising, last night's C of C event was interesting, fun, and possibly productive as well, and my flyers from earlier this week helped get me a new customer this morning - one of my Mac-using neighbors down the hall. I fixed a problem they were having that their existing person had been stumped by in about five minutes.

And it's gorgeous outside, whereas it was supposed to rain today originally. The storm appears to have missed us. The only cloud in my day today is that I'm currently splattered with hives. I think I must have ingested something with mold in it - usually I only get this from penicillin and its cousins. It started last night, was really bad when I woke up this morning, and is already starting to fade, but it's annoying and it makes me look funnier than usual until it goes away.


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