Sunday, September 18, 2005

If an office supply chain falls down

...and nobody cares, does it matter?

Seriously, I'm jotting this quickie just before going to bed because I just read that Office Depot announced they were going to close 27 stores (16 here, 11 overseas). The announcement was made five days ago, but hardly anyone noticed. Basically, ever since the aborted merger quite a few years ago, they've been Staples' bitch, anyways. They already pulled out of the northeast once, realized it was a mistake, and then got back in too expensively by buying a bunch of Toys R Us' locations. They bought a bunch of low-end Internet retailers to get into tech sales. They're wasting money on NASCAR sponsorship when the target audience doesn't really match up (though Office Depot is strongest in the South).

Basically, they haven't got a clue, and are a weak #3 in a market where Staples has busted it open and OfficeMax is picking up the scraps.

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