Monday, October 22, 2007

Pre-Series random thoughts

- Papelbon is one strange dude. And I love him (in a manly way) for it!

- After all the fuss, Matsuzaka gave us about what you'd expect from a decent number 3 starter. 5 innings, 2 runs, sort of shaky towards the end but enough for the win. He should be better with some rest in Game 3 of the Series. I think Wakefield will be a little better as well.

- I'm told that there was more riverdancing tonight. I think I am glad I missed it. Though it will be repeated on-air for the next three days...

- Dustin Pedroia's got a pair. They may be bigger than he is. Youkilis, too.

- Kevin Millar's throwing out the first pitch was strange. Righteous, but strange. Isn't he a current player on a division rival?

- Why didn't Lofton get sent home? Not complaining, but you've got to play for the tie opportunity there.

- Was anyone really expecting JD Drew to hit another grand slam? Even I wasn't fantasizing about it (OK, maybe I was a little).

- I miss Orsillo and Remy. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver make me wish I was adept enough to synchronize my radio with my TiVo to get the WEEI broadcast. Even though they replaced Trupiano with dual sucktards this season.

- How many of you were expecting Beckett to drop a few F-bombs during his MVP speech, just because he's entered the "I'm Keith Hernandez!" zone. He could say or do anything, and just pull it off because he is absolutely Da Man right now.

- And wasn't that last Coco Crisp catch amazing? Good thing he was saved on the bench all game to keep him fresh for that moment.

- If the Sox win the Series, does Gagné get a ring? Or should it be a special "despite your contributions" ring?

(Yes, I thought it was a great deal at the time. We all make mistakes. Let's try and move on, shall we?)

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