Thursday, April 08, 2004

Today's mantra is...

I am tired. Hear me snore.

I have a Chamber of Commerce function to attend this evening with Jane. We'll schmooze. She's going because she's the naturally outgoing salesman of the two of us. Her folks will be watching David - it goes a couple of hours.

As I'd mentioned, Tuesday night I went around the building, stuffing promotional flyers under doors. That seems to have worked just as well as my newspaper ad did (in other words, not at all), but for a lot less money.

The only thing that's depressing about that sort of flop is that I figured I'd at least get a call or two from people angry I stuffed things under their doors. But not even that. The only thing worse than being hated is being ignored.

It's not all depressing, mind you. I've done a couple of customer jobs, and they're happy thus far. In that sense, I continue to have potential. But to try three different marketing activities (mailing, stuffing, and a print ad) with no response from any of them kind of sucks. Grumble.

I will be mailing another batch of prospects soon, and Jane will be back on the road next week after her parents return home. And hopefully our training program will work well. It's the first of what I expect will be several planned full-day boot camp-type classes. Mark is teaching this Linux class with me. For any of my regular viewers in this area - feel free to sign up. We'll be guiding you through your very own Linux install in one day, and teaching you the essentials of maintenance and administration.

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