Sunday, April 18, 2004

Man - what a beautiful weekend!

Unfortunately, my wife is not enjoying it so far - she came down with a stomach bug of some sort and had a very tough day. I took David out to do things during the day so she could be alone. We picked up some new sleepers at the mall and went to my office to drop off some paper and pick up the mail. And I took care of feeding him, too. We had some quality time today, and Jane's feeling a little better as well.

Before today, there were a couple of other things worth noting. Thursday night, we went out walking since it was so nice. We took the stroller, but it was useless since David refuses to sit in it. We walked about two miles altogether, and he walked darn near all of it. And Friday night Jane and I got to go out without him - we went to my bowling league's season-ending banquet down at the wharf. Jane went in place of our friend Robert, who is out of town at the moment. We had a nice time there, and when we got home Judy was watching the Sox game with David. She taught him to say "cowboy up".

Here's a great example of the depths to which my former company has sunk. Traditionally, there's usually some sort of company-logoed goodie that the marketing department provides for the members of the league at the dinner. They do this for both the golf league and the bowling league. Well, this year there was a pen and pencil set with the company name. Or rather, I should say "Conpany", because that's what the typo on the pen set said instead of the generally used spelling. So the gift this year was a misprinted pen set.

I think that speaks to their state far more eloquently than anything I've said about them so far.

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