Wednesday, March 24, 2004

A prospectin' we will go

Today I set out to try and do two things - reconnaissance and prospecting. The initial prospecting went well - I followed up on a contact Jane had made earlier, and that was good. However, I broke my voice (which is still recovering from the combination of a cold and teaching a class last week), and could only croak by mid-day.

So after resting it for a while (I had lunch and got some other stuff done in the meanwhile), I set out again to explore. 100 Cummings Center is a huge building - at one point it was the world's largest reinforced concrete structure. I've seen the third floor where my office is, and much of the first floor, so today I went to poke around the second and fourth floors.

It's still huge.

I didn't find a lot of places on those floors that were "JH Turiel-sized" companies - the sort of places with 5-20 employees. I did see a lot of one-man shops and a few huge (75+) type places. Almost everyone, though, had shades drawn and big "No Soliciting" signs in the windows. Not the most inviting, that's for sure.

After doing a little research, I did identify a few that I will need to make some form of contact with, and I'll figure out the best way to do it tonight. I'll drop in on a few places on my floor tomorrow as long as my voice holds out. It's definitely getting better (and I feel fine now), but I have to pace the speaking. Jane's happy, though, because I talk a lot less around the house than usual right now.

Early next week I'm going to go prospecting in the 900 building next door, which has a lot more of the smaller businesses located there. I'm in this building instead because the rents here are a little cheaper, though there are fewer frills.

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