Thursday, March 04, 2004


I finally got my business bank accounts set up today. It's taken me a while to get free time during banking hours.

Also, construction is finally complete. The VGA extension cable and missing desk part arrived yesterday, and last night I got an power extension cord and a correct, intact window blind for the front door. I assembled the desk last night, and took care of everything else this morning. I still have to do a little dust cleanup, though, because the cordless vac ran out of juice. But I got most of the gunk up.

I have one client appontment next week, and the next invoice I issue will be number 2 - number 1 went out yesterday.

Last but not least for now - I'm looking at my spam inbox, and I think the greatest spammer name ever may be "Hyperbolic P. Firehouses". I didn't open the message, of course, but apparently good old Hy wants me to know that the girl next door says hello.

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