Wednesday, January 07, 2004

We were mean today...

We took David for his flu booster. Needless to say, he was not happy with that.

Afterwards, we went looking for a toddler table and chair set. We'd seen them at Babies 'R' Us and other places, but figured we could save some money by going to the local unfinished furiniture store, which is conveniently really close to our house. They had a couple of really nice sets - that cost nearly $200. They were gorgeous, though...

Needless to say, the $40 for a pretty well-regarded table/chairs set at Babies 'R' Us doesn't look so bad now. We'll head over there next time we're in Danvers. That and a toddler bed are the only furniture we need to add anytime soon, and we're going to get the bed from friends of ours.

In utterly unrelated news, we've decided that Walgreens does the best digital photo processing, compared to Walmart and Target. Actually, the Ofoto prints from Apple's iPhoto print ordering are even better, but they cost a lot more. Walgreens is right at $.29 per print.

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