Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I had my first Internet outage in quite a while yesterday - Speakeasy lost the Level 3-supplied circuit they use for the backhaul out of Boston around 2PM, and the line wasn't restored until around midnight. So one learns to make do... I had the BNUG meeting to go to last night, anyways.

David had his little friend Harry over for an hour or so today while his mom went to look at a house she and her husband were considering buying. It's fun watching two toddlers try and be social.

I actually left the house today three times in the bitter cold - a newspaper run in the morning, a trip to the bank and the supermarket (with a stop at the gas station) mid-day, and a trip to the library that I just came home from.

It was freaking cold each time. And it's supposed to get worse tomorrow before it starts getting better.

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