Sunday, January 25, 2004

Final (for now) phone update

I'd called Cingular customer service to troubleshoot the problem with Jane's parents' phone. They checked into it, but we needed them to power on their old phone for testing, and they weren't home yesterday. So we'd put off the testing for Monday (customer service is closed on Sunday).

But just for giggles, I checked it today and it's working fine now. It must have just taken longer to port that number over. We're going to send them the new phone Monday - I programmed in their phonebook earlier today.

My project today is to convert my old AirPort base station (graphite) to support WEP128, which is at least a little less trivial to crack (albeit still highly flawed). I have everything I need except a Windows laptop to do the surgery - it involves loading a hacked driver for the card on a Windows box and then re-flashing the Orinoco card that lives in the base station. As for the laptop part - I have a call in to a friend of mine with said laptop. I'm also going to take the Dremel out and fix the antenna cable routing this afternoon. When I originally hacked the base station, I was a little convoluted with the cable. I'm smarter about those things nowadays.

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