Friday, January 23, 2004

Daily notes

When I returned from the phone store yesterday with our shiny new phones in tow, I was greeted by the sight of our friendly carpenters, working dutifully at installing our new storm door. Just in time for the weekend's cold snap, at that!

It's already helped our pantry ward off the worst of the weather so far. I have to pick up a rubber seal for the bottom of it, though - that'll help even more still.

The phones are working just fine and dandy, by the way. The one disadvantage (so far) of Cingular compared to T-Mobile is that I have to enter my PIN code to check voicemail - even when dialing from my cell phone itself. With T-Mobile, If I called from the cell phone it knew it and went straight to my messages. That drawback is balanced by a 100% success rate in placing calls so far, and a much stronger signal in and around town. Synchronizing my new T616 was as simple as pairing it with my Mac via Bluetooth, and then running iSync. Boom. All was working. And for some reason, my old T68i never could handle calendar/todo sync, but the T616 has no such problem. The UI is also a lot more responsive, and there's more practical built-in key shortcuts. The T616 is definitely the T68i done right. Feels a lot more rugged, too.

As for Jane's phone, now I got her a Samsung flip phone (and an identical one for her folks). This keeps her from having to deal with key lock commands and such. Plus it's a little smaller. I can probably eBay the old T68i - there's still somewhat of a market for them and I still have all the stuff it came with.

Jane and David went to the Children's Museum here in town today with his friend Harry and Harry's mom. When they finally made it back, David was semi-sleeping, and went down for a nap with no fight at all. He's still out now, in fact. Yay!

While they were out, I took advantage of the opportunity and vacuumed the house, along with a few other tidying-up chores. Our two living rooms have pocket doors, and the edge trim has been coming off one of them for years. I came up with a way to secure it once and for all, and I'm going to finish the work once David's awake. because it involves a drill, a hammer, and a nail set. None of which are nap-compatible.

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